Recommended technology

Below is a list of technology types we think can help you with the problems your business is facing

Customer Relationship Management system

  • A CRM system can increase efficiency, increasing capacity and allowing you to serve more customers with the same sized team
  • A CRM can help you identify new opportunities by increase your understanding of your sales funnel and making it easier for salespeople to collaborate
  • By automating and simplifying processes a CRM can free up members of your sales team so they can spend more time on higher value activities, like getting new business
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Business intelligence software

  • Through data analysis tools provided by business intelligence software, you can identify the processes that are no longer effective. This process can also highlight areas of potential growth, spurning development in previously undeveloped areas that lead to greater profit over time
  • In a hyper-competitive market, reacting late can heavily impact profitability. Business intelligence software can be used to identify trends within the market, allowing you to react and develop along with the changes and therefore boost profitability
  • By tracking performance, you can monitor if further resources need to be dedicated to an underperforming part of the business, thereby increasing productivity overall
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  • eCommerce platforms have been developed to enable rapid expansion, allowing for multiple channels, countries, currencies and languages to be easily incorporated into one environment
  • In-built SEO tools can help boost your rankings on Google, while an integrated CMS means that content can be updated anywhere on the site in reduced time, allowing for reactive marketing in a fast-paced world
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Marketing automation

  • Through marketing automation, you are able to track how individuals interact with content, advertising, existing campaigns and messaging. By identify patterns, you’ll be able to shape your future tactics to turn prospective customers into actual customers
  • Through marketing automation tools, you’re able to see data from all your marketing efforts in one place. By drawing this data together, you can inform your next steps in your marketing strategy, expanding your reach and cementing your company’s presence
  • Marketing automation tools reduce the amount of time colleagues need to spend in setting up and scheduling campaigns, meaning that they have more time to think creatively and create an impactful campaign
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