What does CRM do?

Most CRM software stores your customer data centrally so everyone can see customer records and quickly find contact information, order history or details of previous interactions. Some CRM software allows you to schedule marketing activity and set reminders.

  • Software that tracks and manages your relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers

Is it right for you?

CRM could be good for you if you…
  • Want to analyse your customers according to location, demographic, buying preferences etc
  • Rely on emails, sticky notes, spreadsheets and manual processes to follow up leads
  • Need to keep a closer eye on key sales metrics to motivate or reward your sales team
  • Are keen to see which sources are driving the most sales and tweak your campaigns or website
  • Want to keep track of what’s been said to customers by which team members and when
  • Have a long sales cycle and want to to keep track of prospects in the pipeline

Technology Benefits

Increasing the efficiency of your business
Your sales team will be able to serve more customers, making use of streamlined processes and more automation. Your team can focus on developing leads and being proactive, with less time spent on paperwork
Increasing quality and consistency
Your customers will receive better customer service, increasing retention and sales per customer and reducing complaints. You will have more clarity around sales processes will help ensure all documentation is in place, preventing errors and improving security and compliance
Increasing information and transparency
All your customer information will be in one place enabling you to better understand customers and serve them better. You will be able to look across your whole customer base more easily, allowing better reporting, forecasting, and more data driven decision making. Your sales team will be more able to collaborate, working together to serve customers and increase sales
Increasing flexibility
You will be less reliant on individual sales people, with all your information in one place you will be more able to deal with absences or departures. Your sales team will be able to work remotely
Unlocking new areas of growth
You will be able to serve more customers, which may give you access to new opportunities or new markets. You may be able to deal with more complex customers, for example a system may contain tools that allow you to work with overseas clients or operate in different currencies
  • 18.4 %

    The average boost to productivity from CRM systems over a three year period, according to research from the Enterprise Research Council

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