Recommended technology

Below is a list of technology types we think can help you with the problems your business is facing

Enterprise Resource Planning systems

  • An ERP can help standardise, streamline, and even automate key processes reducing the amount of time and resources required
  • It can also provide you with better data on these processes helping you identify opportunities for improvements
  • This kind of performance data can also help create a more collaborative culture across your business, empowering staff to put forward their own proposals for how things can be improved
  • ERP systems can reduce the need for oversight by standardising processes and improving monitoring. This can free up the time of skilled staff for higher value tasks
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Project management software

  • Project management software can help you to manage and coordinate the various elements required to deliver for a customer. This can help schedule work and manage teams to ensure the right staff are available at the right time, avoiding delays and increasing utilisation.
  • Standard processes can be streamlined and even automated, allowing your team to focus on higher value taks
  • Alerts and reminders can be used to ensure key tasks are completed and delays avoided, even across a complex portfolio
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Supply chain management software

  • By drawing all the supply chain processes together, you can increase the efficiency of reviewing each step, making more time to implement necessary changes and increase productivity
  • By collating data via supply chain management software, you’ll be able to improve the cost efficiency of your supply chain, meaning that you can reroute funds to parts of your business in need of a boost
  • Supply chain management software can also help you identify where processes could become automated, resulting in greater cost efficiency and higher productivity
  • Through supply chain management software, all parties involved in a supply chain will be able to integrate their processes in one place, reducing the changes of wasteful, costly error and improving links between businesses
  • Supply chain management software can assist with all-important warehouse logistics, identifying where processes can be automated or how the system can be improved to maximise efficiency
  • Through data analysis, you will be able to identify which products need to be in which warehouse, reducing the amount of time it takes to ship the product to the customer through increased efficiency
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Collaboration software

  • Some collaborative software, such as project management tools, is designed so that all updates, blockers and tasks relating to that project are kept in a single unified environment. This means that everyone working on the project has access to the information they need to work effectively on the project
  • By adopting a project management tool, everyone involved in the project is included at each step, therefore reducing miscommunication and misinterpretation and boosting efficiency
  • By mapping deadlines, setting alerts and regularly checking in on workloads, targets are more likely to be met, which improves motivation and, in turn, productivity
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  • With eCommerce platforms, all the tools required (including inventory management, customer service tools, SEO functions and checkout systems) are unified in one single environment
  • When all your tools are in one place, collating data becomes much easier. By increasing the efficiency of data collection, analysis and reporting on key performance indicators becomes far else time consuming
  • By unifying your order management systems on an eCommerce platform, you’ll be able to increase efficiency and effectiveness easily
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