What does SCMS do?

Supply chain management software (SCMS) is a collection of integrated tools that maximise the efficiency of all supply chain-related processes, including planning and supply chain management. By using supply chain management software, businesses are able to improve their sourcing, production and logistical operations, as the tools not only help with increased product movement but also in the obtaining of data that helps to identify areas requiring attention.

  • Supply chain management software is used to maximise the efficiency of business activities relating to the supply chain.

Is it right for you?

SCMS could be good for you if you…
  • Want to manage your supply chain from end to end
  • Are looking to automate supply chain operations
  • Want to identify weaknesses in your supply chain system
  • Need to improve cost efficiency within your supply chain
  • Need to improve forecasting
  • Want easy integration with supply chain partners
  • Are looking to identify trends and future needs through data analysis
  • Need to manage inventory in real-time
  • Are looking to improve warehouse management
  • Want to keep a close eye on distribution and logistics
  • Want to improve supplier relationships

Technology Benefits

Brings all operational processes together
Supply chains can be long and complex, with multiple processes used throughout. Supply chain management software can unify all these processes into one environment, making it easier to manage the flow of product from end to end. By drawing all the processes together, you can increase the efficiency of reviewing each step, making more time to implement necessary changes and increase productivity.
Improves cost efficiency
Supply chains are an expensive element in running a business, and it’s easy for these costs to rise if each process isn’t regularly reviewed. By collating data via supply chain management software, you’ll be able to improve the cost efficiency of your supply chain, meaning that you can reroute funds to parts of your business in need of a boost. Supply chain management software can also help you identify where processes could become automated, resulting in greater cost efficiency and higher productivity.
Assists with forecasting
Forecasting for the year ahead is a vital part of running a business, but it’s also time consuming. Through data harvested with supply chain management software, more accurate figures and goals can be set for your supply chain in a reduced amount of time, meaning that more time can be spent on efforts elsewhere in the business.
Integrates with supply chain partners
No matter the scale of your supply chain, the use of third-party businesses can often assist with logistics. However, this can cause timely and expensive complications if your internal software isn’t compatible. Through supply chain management software, all parties involved in a supply chain will be able to integrate their processes in one place, reducing the changes of wasteful, costly error and improving links between businesses.
Manages inventory and warehouse logistics
Being able to ship a product to a customer in an accurate, timely way is essential for building brand trust and the chance of repeated purchases. As such, ensuring you have real-time data relating to your inventory is vital if you want to avoid unfulfilled orders. As well as assisting with inventory data, supply chain management software can assist with all-important warehouse logistics, identifying where processes can be automated or how the system can be improved to maximise efficiency.
Aids product distribution
Larger businesses may have more than one warehouse for their products, but how do they ensure that the right products are in the right places? Afterall, what a customer may be looking for in one area could be far different from a customer in another. Through data analysis, you will be able to identify which products need to be in which warehouse, reducing the amount of time it takes to ship the product to the customer through increased efficiency.
  • 87 %

    The percentage of companies who believe they could reduce their inventory if they had a better understanding of risks in their supply chain, according to data from 6 River Systems

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