What does Project management software do?

Project Management software helps you make better use of resources, handle unforeseen events and deliver new products and services. It can also help you improve productivity, efficiency, quality and consistency in the way people work.

  • Software that helps you plan and run complex projects, co-ordinate teams, set milestones, allocate budget, manage schedules and deliver change on time.

Is it right for you?

Project management software could be good for you if you…
  • Run a lot of simultaneous workstreams for different clients
  • Want to reduce the number of meetings and need another way for teams to share information
  • Spend a lot of time digging through your emails for key information or documents
  • Keep losing files or forgetting deadlines
  • Struggle to quote accurately in new business proposals

Technology Benefits

Increasing the efficiency of your business
Streamlined processes and automation can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to do standard tasks, and increase capacity for more ‘value-add’ tasks. Greater automation may reduce your reliance on highly skilled resource. Automation can highlight required actions immediately, increasing throughput
Increasing quality and consistency
Standardising processes can ensure appropriate steps are followed and documentation is in place and up to date. Consistent practice can help ensure reporting is comparable and an accurate assessment of performance can be made. Security and compliance can be assured, with different levels of access available for different team members
Increasing information and transparency
A central portfolio view can significantly improve demand forecasting and resource management, and facilitate better risk management and decision making. Collaboration tools can allow project updates and documentation to be completed remotely, reducing the need for meetings. Project managers can view the activity of other teams if appropriate, allowing the proactive management of dependencies
Increasing flexibility
Project activities can be conducted remotely. Reliance on individuals with specialist knowledge of particular projects can be reduced
Unlocking new areas of growth
Increased efficiency can improve throughput and therefore increase capacity. Improved project oversight may unlock new client opportunities
  • 498

    Project management software saves the average employee 498 hours per year, according to data from SaasList

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