Step 5 - Our Adoption Process

Making it work for the team

Decide how you’ll introduce your new software and get people up to speed


You might think the implementation is the easy bit but it’s actually the part of the software process where most businesses face challenges. New workplace technology can drive unexpected responses. It can create fear and resentment. People feel they’re being forced to change a process they think is fine, they can fear that technology is leading to redundancies, or that new transparency will expose them in some way.

That's how you get exponential growth. You have happy people doing what they're good at in an environment where the nonsense is taken out of it

Tom Simmonds - AllSaved


Go through the questions and tips below to make sure you’ve anticipated as many human roadblocks as possible. Print it out and make notes, or run through it with your team to plan implementation together.

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Case Study.

Read about Tom and Hannah at Dunsters Farm overcame some hiccups in their implementation process

I had to go into the canteen and tell the pickers who were ready to start their first pick shift using the new voice headsets, and who were very dubious about these voice headsets, that they had to stay in the canteen for the rest of the day until we could sort the problem, because the RF signal which was required to run the system had completely failed… so that was quite a stressful time!

Tom Mathew - Dunsters Farm

What can I do with this step?

Create an interactive action plan by setting progress deadlines and assigning ownership of actions.

Customise my action plan

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