Step 6 - Our Adoption Process

Getting your money's worth

Check it’s delivering on promises and what support or updates you might need


Now your new software is in place it’s time to really make sure it’s doing the job it’s supposed to do. Even if you have a general sense it’s ok it’s still a good idea to go through a proper review process – it doesn’t have to take long.

When it's in, you've then got to ask yourself the question, is it working? Did it do what I set out to do?

Sarah Wass - Independent consultant who worked with Jane Vincent at Fortem People on her new CRM

Case Study.

Listen to Jane Vincent from Fortem People talk about how she realised her CRM system wasn't working for her


You can use our download below to help you assess the impact. You'll want to consider the ROI and how it compares to your original plan, and then decide what to do next. You'll also want to consider what you can learn from the process you've been on to help you with introducing software in the future

Download our free guide to assessing the performance of your software here

When you've got a piece of software that's not doing what you want to do, call the provider, say "can it do this, does it do this?" and if not, find one that does. It's got to work for you

Christian Smith - Outdoor Provisions

What can I do with this step?

Create an interactive action plan by setting progress deadlines and assigning ownership of actions.

Customise my action plan

Download our guide outlining the six-step adoption process, and then go through the steps in your own time.

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