Step 4 - Our Adoption Process

Buying with confidence

Get past supplier sales spin with questions about pricing, support and free trials


So by this stage you should have a shortlist of suppliers that you think might meet your requirements, based upon the research you’ve done so far. If not, go back and look at the previous steps so you go into the purchase phase fully prepared.

Don't just listen to the salesman, don't just look at the spec of the tech. Really think about what you do on a day to day basis

Sarah Wass - Independent consultant who worked with Jane Vincent at Fortem People on her new CRM


As a business leader you already have experience choosing between proposals from suppliers, so we won’t cover too much of the basic stuff (like making sure they’re solvent and getting references). But there are some technology-specific considerations.

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Case Study.

Listen to how Outdoor Provisions pilot new solutions to make sure they're right for them

I think a lot of it comes from the gut feeling of really using the software. Is it easy to use? Does it solve my problem? Does it give us more free time? That's the ultimate job of any tech tool we use, to free us up

Joe Thomas - Wondervision

What can I do with this step?

Create an interactive action plan by setting progress deadlines and assigning ownership of actions.

Customise my action plan

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