What does Video conferencing software do?

Video conferencing software makes face-to-face conversations between individuals and teams possible, enabling effective and collaborative working even though they may not be in the same space. They usually contain a chat function alongside the video software so that links can be shared at the same time and allow for document and screen sharing.

  • Software that helps you communicate face-to-face with employees who are not in the same space.

Is it right for you?

Video conferencing software could be good for you if you…
  • Have a remote employee or workforce
  • Regularly use contractors or freelancers
  • Want to maintain or build human relationships between employees
  • Want to reduce the amount of communication done via email
  • Need to simplify processes – video conferencing software generally combines live chat and screen sharing too
  • Want to reduce travel costs – meeting via video conference is much cheaper than travelling to meet in person
  • Are looking to save time – data shows that video conferences are shorter than in-person meetings
  • Want to boost productivity – joining employees together in a face-to-face setting reduces time spent waiting for an email reply

Technology Benefits

Increases the productivity of your business
Having a conversation face-to-face, albeit virtually, significantly reduces the length of time required to get answers, plan next steps and collaborate effectively. By conversing verbally, there is less chance of misinterpretation when it comes to designated tasks, meaning that more time can be given to developing your business than repeating instructions and reworking.
Boosts human interactions across the business
With working from home becoming the norm, the working day can become isolating. By using video conferencing software, individuals are still able to “see” their colleagues and maintain those all-important working connections. Not only does this reaffirm unity amongst team members, it’s also proven to make employees feel happier – and a happy workforce is a productive workforce.
Reduces travel time and expenses
Even travelling to a meeting within the same city is time consuming and expensive, whereas video conferencing is relatively cheap. Data also shows that meetings held via video conferencing are shorter and more productive than the meetings you travelled to – there are fewer delays in getting started, fewer distractions – and you can get started on pointers discussed straight away, as opposed to then travelling back to your own office afterwards.
Supports internal communication
Video conferencing is a great way to communicate with your company in one go, and it also boosts meeting attendance as well. Data shows that employees are more likely to attend a virtual meeting as it can be done from their current location, while business leaders reported that sharing good news and successes in smaller, impromptu meetings boosted staff motivation.
Keeps things sociable
In this new age of working from home, it can be difficult to socialise with your colleagues. By using video conferencing software, colleagues are still able to meet each other in a non-work setting, which boosts interpersonal relationships and the exchanging of ideas. Some businesses have adopted virtual Friday evening drinks, pub-style quiz sessions and even book clubs via video conferencing to keep staff together.
Helps boost confidence
Putting a hand up in a meeting or typing thoughts into an email thread can be daunting for some employees, but video conferencing can help reduce that anxiety and bring more voices into the discussion. Not only does this increase the sharing of ideas, but it can also help those who previously felt uncomfortable find their voice within the business.
  • 75 %

    Fast Company reported that this percentage of senior managers believe that video conference will eventually replace traditional audio conference calls

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