What does Marketing automation do?

Marketing is a key part of developing your business and retaining customers; it’s also a time-consuming part of your business process. Marketing automation streamlines your marketing efforts through tools and platforms to make them more efficient and effective. Significant perks of using marketing automation include: freeing up time originally spent on scheduling; improving marketing ROI; and accessing consumer behaviour.

  • Marketing automation utilises available technology to streamline marketing practices in a single environment.

Is it right for you?

Marketing automation could be good for you if you…
  • Use multiple marketing tools, such as email, social media and mobile messaging
  • Want to spend more time developing a marketing strategy
  • Want to understand customer and potential customer behaviour
  • Need to develop personalised customer journeys
  • Want to prioritise leads
  • Need to improve your marketing campaigns
  • Want to improve your marketing return of investment
  • Need to plan for future campaigns
  • Want to align a large marketing team

Technology Benefits

Collates all marketing processes
An effective marketing strategy is more than sending the occasional email to your database – it now includes specific customer journeys, social media marketing, mobile messaging and ads. By adopting a marketing automation service, all these different processes can be unified in one environment, making for an efficient and effective way to manage campaign assets all together.
Frees up time
In a hyper-competitive market, creating a campaign that cuts through the noise of your competitors is essential. Marketing automation tools reduce the amount of time colleagues need to spend in setting up and scheduling campaigns, meaning that they have more time to think creatively and create an impactful campaign. This boosts productivity and the effectiveness of the marketing team.
Enables opportunities
Marketing automation can help you identify and learn more about potential customers, allowing you to create campaigns that are likely to turn them into customers. Through marketing automation, you are able to track how individuals interact with content, advertising, existing campaigns and messaging. By identifying patterns, you’ll be able to shape your future tactics to turn prospective customers into actual customers, thereby boosting business growth.
Helps prioritise leads
Marketing automation can help you prioritise leads in two ways: firstly, making the lead-nurturing process automatic; and secondly by making clear measures of progress through the customer journey. This means that working out whether a customer is ready to commit to a sale can now be based on data and analysis. Not only does this measure the effectiveness of points throughout the customer journey, it also establishes the overall effectiveness of the campaign as a whole.
Drives wider marketing campaigns
Through marketing automation tools, you’re able to see data from all your marketing efforts in one place. By drawing this data together, you can inform your next steps in your marketing strategy, expanding your reach and cementing your company’s presence.
  • 80 %

    The percentage of consumers who are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences, according to research from Epsilon