What does HR software do?

It varies, but generally HR software carries out repetitive tasks like payroll, timesheets, calculating time-off, onboarding and performance management. It frees you and your managers from admin, and it might mean you don’t need to hire specialist HR resources.

  • Software that stores your employee data and automates your manual HR processes

Is it right for you?

HR software could be good for you if you…
  • Would like to have a more consistent and thorough employee experience
  • Get tangled in GDPR, disciplinary warnings, safety training, accident logs, compensation claims.
  • Need different levels of access for different staff members
  • Want to reduce personnel costs or offer flexible working
  • Are starting to track attendance or manage performance in a more objective, data-driven way
  • Have limited office space and are starting to drown in paper filing and storage
  • Want easier access to more reliable employee data
  • Need a lot of seasonal staff, and want to free your HR or team leaders up for hiring and training

Technology Benefits

Increasing the efficiency of your business
Streamlined processes and automation can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to do standard HR tasks, and increase capacity for more ‘value-add’ tasks . Greater automation may reduce your reliance on highly skilled resource
Increasing quality and consistency
Employee satisfaction and retention can be improved with more consistent and effective HR processes. Employees can be engaged through new methods, such as regular employee surveys. Crucial services such as payroll, timesheets, and the booking of leave can be standardized and automated, and access can be controlled
Increasing information and transparency
A central source of accurate HR information is easily accessible. Employee performance management can be improved due to greater availability of data
Increasing flexibility
HR activities can be conducted remotely. Reliance on individuals with specialist knowledge of particular cases can be reduced. Flexible working can be enabled across a wider organisation using HR system tools
Unlocking new areas of growth
Some new client opportunities may be enabled by the improved availability of data, such as timesheets for contract work
  • 2.5x

    Companies that are adept at onboarding achieve 2.5x better financial performance, according to Finances Online

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