Action plan

Step 3 – Creating your shopping list

Effort: Medium

Impact: Medium

It’s now time to drill down into detail on your requirements and start exploring potential suppliers. Knowing what features and functionality you’re looking for will help you filter out products and suppliers more effectively – and get to a good shortlist more quickly. It also helps to gather your thoughts before you speak to salespeople.

After completing this action plan, you should have clearly defined your requirements and have potentially narrowed down a solution(s) and/or supplier(s).

The first step of creating your shopping list is to use our features checklist – a series of questions that can help you identify exactly the right software for you. You’ll see that these questions are not all about technology - they’re designed to help you understand your business requirements, so you know exactly how your software will fit in.

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How will I know if my action plan is working?

Your clearly defined service requirements will have potentially narrowed down a solution(s) and/or supplier(s)

Defined set of requirements

Why this metric?

With lots of services and options out there, it's important to be able to narrow down your options so that focused conversations can be had.

How do I use this going forward?

Your features checklist will be another important document, full of personalised information about your business, that will be vital for buying with confidence.

What can I do with this Action Plan?

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